Install for hacking


# Clone the repository
$ git clone https://github.com/willkg/everett

# Create a virtualenvironment
$ mkvirtualenv everett

# Install Everett and dev requirements
$ pip install -e '.[dev,ini,yaml]'

Release process

  1. Checkout main tip.

  2. Check to make sure setup.py and requirements files have correct versions of requirements.

    Check dev dependencies using make checkrot.

  3. Update version numbers in src/everett/__init__.py.

    1. Set __version__ to something like 1.0.0 (use semver).
    2. Set __releasedate__ to something like 20190107.
  4. Update HISTORY.rst

    1. Set the date for the release.
    2. Make sure to note any backwards incompatible changes.
  5. Verify correctness.

    1. Check the manifest: check-manifest
    2. Run tests: make test
    3. Build docs (this runs example code): make docs
  6. Tag the release:

    $ git tag --sign v1.0.0

    Copy the details from HISTORY.rst into the tag comment.

  7. Update PyPI:

    $ rm -rf dist/*
    $ python setup.py sdist bdist_wheel
    $ twine upload dist/*
  8. Push everything:

    $ git push --tags origin main
  9. Announce the release.