Building components with Everett

Everett allows you to build components that specify their own configuration as a class property.

This lets you do three things:

  1. instantiate components in a specified configuration namespace

  2. restrict the configuration the component uses to that specified in the component

  3. inherit and override configuration from superclasses

To create a component, you want to use the everett.component.RequiredConfigMixin.

For example, let’s create a RabbitMQComponent for accessing RabbitMQ:

from everett.component import RequiredConfigMixin, ConfigOptions

class RabbitMQComponent(RequiredConfigMixin):
    required_config = ConfigOptions()
        doc='RabbitMQ host to connect to'
        doc='Port to use',
        doc='Queue to insert things into'

    def __init__(self, config):
        # Bind the configuration to just the configuration this
        # component requires such that this component is
        # self-contained.
        self.config = config.with_options(self)

ConfigOptions groups a set of configuration options that this component requires. Options of subclasses override those of superclasses.

We also need an __init__ method that takes the config as an argument so that you can bind the component’s config options with the config using .with_options().

Then in our app, we instantiate a RabbitMQComponent, but with configuration in the rmq namespace:

queue = RabbitMQComponent(config.with_namespace('rmq'))

In our environment, we would provide RMQ_HOST, etc for this component.

Say our app actually needs to connect to two separate queues–one for regular processing and one for priority processing:

regular_queue = RabbitMQComponent(
priority_queue = RabbitMQComponent(

In our environment, we provide the regular queue configuration with RMQ_REGULAR_HOST, etc and the priority queue configuration with RMQ_PRIORITY_HOST, etc.

Same component code–two different instances.

Getting configuration information for components

The everett.component.RequiredConfigMixin has two methods to pull configuration about the component.

everett.component.RequiredConfigMixin.get_required_config() will return the required configuration for that component. This follows class hierarchies, handles configuration overrides and other things like that. The final everett.component.ConfigOptions class that you get is the configuration for that component.

See everett.component.RequiredConfigMixin for more details.